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us. >> parents say their kids have been abandoned. and that they think that the city is to blame. rec and parks, said as of july 1st, that department can no longer provide recreational programming at the center because the facility is not suitable for viable programs. the center is a wing of carter g woodson elementary middle and in the hands of the baltimore city schools. school officials have not decided what to do with the center. in the meantime, dozens of kids have written letters to the mayor, begging for her help. and parents say the mayor is their last option. >> i mean, she is the leader of our on city. she is the one that makes or breaks this community as far as i am concerned. and if she is not behind us, as much as we have been behind her, then, i just, think that's a sad situation. >> as of now, the center will shut its doors this friday. reporting live at city hall. karen parks fox 45 news "late edition". >> a baltimore city woman is denied permission to install a windmill on her roof. she says it would cut energy costs and improve the environment. but neighbors say it i
, what can you tell us at this hour. >> jeff and jennifer, live at north calvert and east bittle. police clearing the scene now it was a two car collision. michael phelps and two passengers were traveling in a black cadillac escalade. a woman was driving the other car. the accident happened just before 9:00 tonight. investigators say phelps was traveling east on bittle. the woman was driving north on calvert. the two vehicles collided. and now police are trying to determine exactly what happened. >> we know that there was a collision. two cars driving and collided at the intersection. we will find out if alcohol was a factor. look at red lights. put it altogether. we are literally talking to them as we speak. >> we are back here live. clearing michael's escalade otto truck, and other vehicle behind it. police are now telling us that alcohol was not a factor. phelps was not hurt. he has been questioned. and released. meantime, paramedics did take the woman to the hospital. as a plea caution. again, a collision here in downtown baltimore. involving michael phelps. a woman is hurt. michael
. >> they were carrying weapons on them. and we keep foe using on legislation at the state to get some, to deal with illegal guns. i guarantee you if they caught the guy he would have been out the next day with a slap on the hand. >> police are not are increasing patrols, instead they are changing tactics and being more aggressive. >> we need to be vigilant. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news "late edition". >> that brings us to the question of the day. do you feel safe at the insure? at last check, 18 percent of you say yes. 82 percent say no. shaun from shawsville writes, there needs to be tighter security. take this incident as a warning before it is too late. and a life or lives are lost. to read more responses go to and click on our question of the day. >> first on fox. more meter madness downtown. this time, it is fueled by a plan to raise the cost of street parking. the proposed rate increase would affect most of downtown, including the inner harbour. metered parking would go from $1 an hour to $2 an hour. and initially with approval to go up to $3 an hour in the mount vern
helicopter accident on i-70. >> baltimore's hospital shift. how the u.s. ns comfort was welcomed home earlier tonight. >> and senior athletes. why age certainly is not the only thing remarkable about these women. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer has tonight off. crime and justice report are tonight. criticism over the arrest of 17-year-old lamont davis. >> davis is behind bars charged with attempted murder. following the shooting of a 5-year-old and another child. the man overseeing the department of juvenile services spoke to fox 45 to discusses gps monitoring and whether it works in keeping the public safe. >> we have seen a lot of success with this. and, i believe, we will continue to. you will always have some sensationalized stories like lamont davis. >> davis was being monitored. the gps manufacturer said the device can only track offenders if the ankle device is charged. but davis' case proves that there are limitations. >> you know, there are ways that you can get around th
on the story as it becomes available to us. >> mayor sheila dixon's attorney said they are not getting enough information on the state prosecutor's subpoenas. dixon's's attorneys filed a motion saying the prosecutor's office is not cooperating and the grand jury system is being abused. mayor was reindicted on perjury, threat and misconduct charges just last month. . >> the debate on health care reform has gotten so intense recently, senate democrats are considering going it alone. without the g.o.p.. major garrett has the latest. >> president obama celebrated all things nascar with last year's sprint cup champion jimmie johnson and aide said the health care message is not stalled and health care reform can be won. >> argument is not over. discussion is not over. the debate is not over. >> house minority canter agrees the debate is not over but said the president is spinning his wheels. >> what i really see right now is a white house and chaos over health care. >> mr. obama's chief of staff rahm emanuel told the new york times, they believe killing health care is more important for the politic
it would do to existing health care. >> senator ben cardin joined us last night on fox 45 news at 10:00. he supports a public option and thinks it is the best way to lower health care costs for everyone. but when asked whether he would vote for a bill that did not include a public option, the senator said he needs to see what the final version of the bill ends up looking like. >> i think it is important to have a public option available. so that those that can not find private insurance, the people that don't have insurance today, have a market. have a product that is available. i think it also will bring more defense tee and competition and therefore bring down the cost of health care. >> we are giving you the chance to ask lawmakers what they think about health care reform. on morning news. representative kratovil, joins us tomorrow morning. and representative john sarbanes is thursday. and elijah cummings on friday. send us your questions on twitter. >> we also want to help you tell other lawmakers how you feel about health care reform. you can find their e-mail addresses and phone numbe
and making plays for us. offensive line does an incredible job at blocking. and we have to put it together every every play. >> the first touchdown of the night, from you, two minute drill, textbook. you practice it every day. i mean, how was that? how did you kind of -- kind of seemed to be perfect out there? >> you hit it on the head. practicing it every day. puts us definitely in the situation to where it is not brand new to us. we stepped into the situation, needing to get points on the board. and it worked out good. >> what do you personally, the last few weeks of training camp, working on for your performance. >> getting better as a quarterback. decision making, accuracy, all of those things that go in, with becoming a elite quarterback at this level of the game. and day-in and day-out try to do that. >> no official word on john beck's jerry. five quarterbacks were out here today. does that kind of shakeup the offense at all when one of you get hurt? how is that? >> i don't control what's going on in the front office. decision is made to bring in the guys. they are quality guys. i re
ravens-panthers game is set for 8:00 tomorrow night. karen parks and jeff barnd join us with the late edition. ♪ [ music ] >>> as people clean up from storms here, others brace for tropical trouble. >>> danny doesn't look like he will gather hurricane strength but will still bring us plenty of rain. how much we will get in my skywatch forecast. >>> i told the judge he did not deserve to breathe free air again. >> a kidnapping and rape at a light rail station. tonight the sentence for what the judge called a night of terror. >>> and find out just how fast you can spread the swine flu. >>> live in high definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox45 news late edition. >> hello, again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. it has been a rainy friday. hopefully the weekend won't be a complete washout. >> jessica starr joins us now with the first look of the skywatch forecast. >> hi, guys. a wet and soggy day. a little bit of a break from the rain showers but that will pick up again through the overnight hours. you can see lingering rain showers toward the southern
't get health care costs under control, our national debt will continue to grow. >> well that brings us to the question of the day. should the health care plan be scraped if it adds to the deficit at last check 82 percent say yes. and 14 percent say no. lauren from belair said the actual cost of medicare is significantly higher than its original projected cost. why should we believe that this health care reform bill is any different. to read more responses, go to and click on our question of the day. >> a much different scene outside senator cardin's meeting today. hundreds of people that opposed president obama's plan lined the streets with signs and flags. many say they are sick and tired of being called unamerican for simply protesting. >> i am not with the mob. i am an american. nobody told me to come. >> but we have to speak out. we have to talk out. we have been quiet for too long. the hard working middle class american people have been quiet for too long. and it is time now. we have to speak out. >> some calmer protests were echoed across the nation. >> see more
in towson with the latest. keith, what can you tell us? >> well, jeff senator cardin set the ground rules for this event that included not allowing participants to take their signs into the building. the senator made it very clear to us today, he said, quote, this is a townhall meeting, not a rally. but tonight it was kind of difficult to tell the difference. it was a tough move. now 500 people packed the place inside the concert hall at towson university. senator cardin at the podium, and another townhall meeting in health care reform. he promised to answer questions but before that he struggled to review a few points on the proposal. the crowd repeatedly interrupted him with shouts and jeers. >> i think a townhall meeting is not where you protest. i think a town mall meeting is where you ask questions and listen. >> well, the senator has another townhall meeting wednesday night at 7:00 at hagerstown community college. live now in towson university. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right. keith. to see more of tonights townhall meeting go to "raw news".
was the transition with greg going? >> going well. coach madison is learning us like we learn him. he calls certain calls. picking his brain. we know what he is thinking. he knows what we are thinking as players. we are getting the bond, you know, back with the defensive coordinator. >> thank you so much. good luck this season. >> thank you. >> bruce, back to you. >> gooden and the ravens try to go three-zero saturday against the panthers. here is jennifer gilbert and jeff barnd with the "late edition". . >> no, i have not gotten my money back. >> marylanders behind on mortgages and now a target for scammers, what to look out for. >> a suspected serial robber hospitalized. what store workers did when the man robbed a store for a third time. >> danny gathering strength in the atlantic what maryland city could get a direct hit from the potential hurricane in the sky watch forecast. >> and cash for clunkers, how it is turning into a cash cow for thieves. . >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. tropical storm danny is growing in the atlantic ocean tonight gaining strength and p
the deputy using handcuffs to choke the man. and struck him and tried to steal his weapon before climbing out the cruiser window. his family said champagne then stopped at home briefly before going on the run again. >> we have had trouble here in the past. this is not the first time the place have been here. >> i hope they find him and put him where he is spotted supposed to be. i hope. >> sheriff's office said it will launch a review in to how champagne was able to pull off the escape in the first place. >> at this time, before we do a capital review, we believe every rules and regulation was followed. always room for improvement. concerned with the safety of the officer, and citizens of howard county. >> the deputy is in stable condition at this time. champagne meantime is facing charges, including attempted murder and assault. >> first to on fox. two teenagers caught on tape shooting a man at a carry out. our sentence today. you recall the video of a bystander targeted in a robbery and then shot. witnesses are seen laughing. 15-year-old kevin johnson and 17-year-old david jefferson pled gu
for shell cases, knocking on doors. hopefully somebody saw something that will point us in the right direction. >> meanwhile tonight. police are reviewing security camera video of the incident. >> well, a camera security video released earlier today raises questions in the case involving 17-year-old lamont davis accused of shooting a 5-year-old girl last month. karen parks is live at mitchell courthouse with the latest. >> well, jeff, lamont davis pled not guilty today during the arraignment here at mitchell courthouse. but his attorney released crime video today that he says proved his client is innocent. now attorneys said his client was wearing a gps ankle bracelet at the time of the shooting that happened july 2 in the 300 block of pulaski street in southwest baltimore where 5-year-old raven wyatt was hit by a stray bullet. but the attorney said the shooter in this close circuit camera footage was not wearing a ankle bracelet, which he says proved that his client is innocent. the trial date is set for october 2. reporting live here in downtown baltimore. karen parks fox 45 news "
. melinda roeder, fox 45 news "late edition". >> that brings us to the question of the day. we asked you if police acted appropriately in this case. most of you said yes. 61 to 39 percent. scott from edgewood writes, it could have been all settled right there if he would have done what the officer asked him to do. for more responses log onto >> a baltimore county man is found dead, shot several times, inside of his home. and tonight police think he might have known his attacker. the victim is scott greenberg. 51 years old. the shooting happened in 2300 block of velvet valley way in owings mills. his ex-wife found the body. they think he was killed on saturday. she went there to drop off the couple's two children. and investigators say he she thought something was wrong when it looked like greenberg was not home and the door was locked. she called his father and he said where the spare key was. >> she got the key and went into the home and found the victim dead in a pool of blood on the floor. shot multiple times in the upper body. >> for the moment, police do not have a
mainly on insects. the cdc said repellants containing deet are safe if used properly. >> a major media company is going to charge for content now. news core said it will charge for access to its websites, including the new york post and fox news. news corp. said it is necessary to offset losses recently in advertising revenue. >> how many minutes a day do men stare at the opposite sex? >> new survey found that men spend 43 minutes a day staring at women. most common ogling sites are supermarkets, bars and night clubs, or night clubs. women spend an average of 20 minutes a day checking out their male counterparts. >> in his own words, the blogs and "youtube" clips of the man behind a fitness club massacre in pennsylvania. >> that cyber bullying mother is back online. stay tune to find out why a judge let her do it. >> a goal should be nothing less than to make maryland a silicon valley of the 21st century. >> of course it is nearly back . >> in just a few more weeks many students are going back to class. in the state of maryland there is a whole new push to make sure that the students g
, and then you leave, and then come to find out he is alive? >> this is a very, very serious matter for us. and it is our hope that within the next few days, we will have all the information that we need. >> quarrels remains in critical condition tonight at sinai hospital. >> another carbon monoxide scare in baltimore county. it happened this morning at the commons at whitemarsh in middle river. carbon monoxide detector went off. six adults and four children rushed to the hospital for a checkup. the owner of the complex, sawyer realty has had other tenants get sick in the past from carbon monoxide. >> they say that the water heater, they say it was the stove. i don't know. i don't know. i don't think they know what it is. >> those hospitalized today are expected to be okay. >> anne arundel county police charge a man with impersonating a police officer. police say 48-year-old wells approached the man in odenton saturday claiming he was an officer. the man noticed the badge obviously was a phony and called the real police force. the suspect took off and was caught by police later. turns out
and investigators say they found no evidence that drugs, alcohol, or even cell phone use were involved. the attorney for both families, however, said the operators were negligent, claiming one operator that saw the boys earlier on the tracks never warned other drivers, and the operator who actually hit them was looking down at the time of the crash. and not ahead. >> you know, kids sort of do things every day that are not always correct. but there is opportunities for us adults to make sure they don't die from it, for sure. that's what we are talking about here. >> and the families are now in the process of filing a civil lawsuit against the mta. something they expect should happen within the next three months or so. spokesperson for the mta could not be reached for comment. we're live in lutherville, myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late edition". >> queen anne's county judge found the mother charged with poisoning her 3-year-old daughter criminally responsible for her death. the ruling in victoria sparrow's case hand down thursday. prosecutors will ask for a life sentence for sparrow. she pled guilt
last year. >> now jeff barnd and karen parks rejoin us with the "late edition". . >> devastating. they could have killed my son. >> police accused. the shocking allegations from a baltimore teenager. >> damage from violent weather. where the storms hit hardest. >> and the driving force behind a plan to bring baseball back to children in baltimore city. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. >> several baltimore city police officers are under investigation tonight accused in the hit-and-run of a teenager in west baltimore. >> happened tuesday night. about 9:00, near the curb in mosher and pennsylvania avenue. 17-year-old dee john rydell son said three police officers in a unmarked car intentionally slammed the vehicle into the dirt bike. the officers slowed down, and looked to see if he was off the bike and kept going, said the witnesses. >> i am angry about the situation. because it is devastating. they could have killed my son. what about that? he is a child. no child des
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